Head Count Up, So Pay is Too

Daytona Beach Community College gives its employees a 5 percent average raise after enrollment jump this fall.

Whoa, Dude

U. of Florida puts popular lecturer on leave after video appears of class lecture in which his exuberance amused some and disturbed others.

Part Timers Say No to Union

Instructors at Vermont's 2-year college -- adjuncts all -- break with trend in rejecting collective bargaining by 2 to 1 margin.

Not So Godless After All

Believers outnumber atheists and agnostics, survey finds, and many professors regularly attend religious services.

Professor Quits Amid Charge of Improper Relationship

The former Washington University faculty member made his mark in the sciences, as a dinosaur expert.

Gallaudet's President Has His Say

For the last few weeks, Gallaudet University has been torn apart by protests -- led by students but joined by faculty, staff and alumni -- over the selection last spring of Jane K. Fernandes, the provost, to succeed I. King Jordan, the university's president for the last 18 years.

Balance or Censorship?

New policy on speakers at Boston College leaves some students and professors afraid that certain views will be squelched.

Want to Get Ahead? Get Hitched

Data document relationship between finishing graduate school, publishing, getting a job -- and being married.

Women Turning Down Harvard's Offers

While the proportion of women receiving tenure-track offers to join Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences rose for the third straight year in 2005-6, the share of women who accepted positions declined dramatically, according to an internal report.

Hartnell College Strike Continues

Faculty at a California community college picket over pay while administrators vow to keep classes going.


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