When Faculty Aren't Supposed to Talk

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Many colleges have rules declaring that faculty meetings where job candidates are reviewed are supposed to be confidential. A Stanford University faculty handbook, for example, states: "The entire reappointment proceedings during which specific individuals are discussed are to be held in strict confidence by all participants....

Roping in the Tenured

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Adjuncts consider outreach to their more privileged peers to better achieve labor goals.

Can You Hear Me Now?

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Georgia Gwinnett has boosted retention by giving its faculty smartphones and encouraging students to call them.

What Your Ph.D. Didn't Cover

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At a time when community colleges are feeling more pressure than ever to improve their completion rates and new Ph.D.s are feeling more pressure than ever to find a job, graduate schools around the country are struggling with just what it means to prepare community college instructors.

Where Are Your Professors?

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While nonprofit colleges are forthcoming with their faculty lists, for-profit institutions are more reluctant -- irking some academic leaders.

Will Faculty Voices Be Heard?

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Professors will participate in the White House summit on community colleges, but some of them remain concerned about the agenda.

Standing Their Ground

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Brown U. faculty refuse to endorse changes that would make tenure harder to earn, and that some fear would alter the teaching/research balance.

Excuses vs. Due Process

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AAUP investigation finds that Bethune-Cookman used questionable means to get rid of faculty members, ignoring the university's rules and national standards.

'Saints and Scamps'

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While much has changed in higher education in the last 25 years, Steven M. Cahn maintains that the important ethical issues (and their appropriate resolutions) have not changed that much at all. That's why there are very few changes in Saints and Scamps: Ethics in Academia, just released by Rowman & Littlefield in a 25th anniversary edition.

Uncertain First Amendment Rights

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A federal appeals court ruled Friday that it is not clear whether public college faculty members have First Amendment protection for criticisms they make of administrators.


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