Leaders Under Siege at Ohio U.

AAUP-sponsored faculty vote the latest to show lack of confidence in the university's president and provost. Some say the criticism is unfair.

Moving Closer to Campus

Jackson State hopes neighborhood revitalization projects will make living near work more attractive and affordable for employees.

Could RateMyProfessors.com Be Right?

Study finds correlation between ratings professors receive on much-derided site and through official student evaluations.

Is EEOC Backpedaling?

New letter on colleges' job advertising endorses alternative to indicating interest in candidates from certain groups.

A Flood of Censure

AAUP condemns 6 institutions -- 4 for treatment of faculty post-Katrina -- and lifts sanctions against 2 universities.

If You Teach Them, They Will Be Happy

Law students whose professors focus on teaching outperform those at a school where scholarship is valued, study finds.

Faculty Gender and Student Performance

Whether a professor is male or female has little to no effect on how a student performs in the class, study finds.

Gutting Shared Governance?

Northwestern blasted for suspending professors' input for 3.5 years while journalism school undergoes curricular overhaul.

How a Strike Was Averted

Faculty union and state university system in Pennsylvania reach an agreement that raises salaries -- and insurance premiums.

When Credentials Count

Northeastern doesn't renew contracts for a dozen faculty members without terminal degrees as it expands tenure-track hiring.


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