Keys to Hiring Women in Science

New research examines relationship between specific practices by search committee and odds of female finalists or hires.

Why 'Nonprofit' Does NOT Mean 'Lose Money'

It was just a tidbit of information, offered toward the end of a presentation slotted in that sleepy, after-lunch-at-a-jampacked-conference hour. But the nature of the tidbit caught the audience’s attention: On average, full-time faculty members at the University of New Mexico’s Gallup campus were being subsidized to the tune of $10,554 apiece.

Dispatches from Denver, Day 3

At the Democratic National Convention, faculty are studying the dynamics of power by focusing on protesters, karaoke performers -- oh, and the delegates, too.

The Truly Interdisciplinary Search

Michigan Tech decides that to break out of the departmental mode, a university needs a different approach to faculty hiring.

A Professor Without Her Claimed Degrees

A dance scholar -- who had previously taught at 2 universities and won acclaim for work with China -- quits after discovery that she didn't have the education she listed.

Beware the Button Police

U. of Illinois tells professors they can't have bumper stickers or attend campus political rallies -- but then says it will use "common sense" on enforcement.

Schooling Faculty in Catholic Higher Ed

In Marquette U. seminar, pre-tenure professors study the content and context of their institution's Jesuit mission.

2 Wins for Illinois Professors

University affirms that they can wear buttons and attend rallies, and ends talks that some feared would create the next Hoover Institution.

In Search of Self-Governance, Unionization?

Embattled Faculty Senate at Ohio U. endorses pursuing collective bargaining amid an impasse between professors and administrators.

Grievances About Grievance Procedures

Professors at U. of Missouri consider whether they can get a fair hearing with an administrator in the room.


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