Lawmaker's plan to merge Florida public universities lingers even after defeat this year

Controversial bill came out of the blue, according to critics at public colleges. Supporters in the Legislature say it will likely be reconsidered next year.

Title IX emerges as top obstacle to higher ed law deal

Resolving differences over sexual assault procedures, including requirements for live hearings, emerges as one of the biggest challenges for negotiating a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.

Florida governor signs tough new hazing law

Florida legislation gives prosecutors the ability to bring charges against fraternity and sorority members who weren't present for hazing but helped plan it.

Debate over proposed expansion of Pell Grants to short-term job training

Lawmakers consider expanding Pell Grants to short-term job training, with backing from community colleges and business groups, while critics question the payoff for short-term programs.

NCAA may not allow participation in championship games if California bill passes

The NCAA suggests that college athletes in California may not be able to participate in championship games if state passes legislation to allow them to profit off their name, image and likeness.

N.D. Chancellor Proposes Higher Ed Stabilization Fund

North Dakota University system chancellor Mark Hagerott is proposing a Higher Education Stabilization Fund to weather budget downturns, KFGO reports.

The fund, which would be similar to an existing K-12 Stabilization Fund, would be financed by proceeds from the state Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund receives money from oil tax revenue. Hagerott’s proposal comes in the wake of budget cuts passed by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly in 2017, which spurred the exits of talented professors from the system.

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State report is cautious about expanding four-year degrees offered by Calif. community colleges

Despite enthusiasm for four-year degrees offered by California community colleges, a state report calls for more time before expanding the programs.

Legislators crank up interest in community college completion

The new status quo may be more calls by state lawmakers for better completion rates and work-force outcomes.

Troubled Baltimore City Community College considers free tuition

Baltimore’s struggling two-year college considers a tuition-free program while undergoing a state-mandated reorganization. But some experts question what level of quality they’re offering students for free.

Critics of proposed legislation on First Amendment rights at Wisconsin public universities say it goes too far

Critics of proposed legislation to ensure First Amendment rights at Wisconsin public universities say it could backfire and limit expression. Requirement for political neutrality alarms professors and administrators alike.

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