Keeping a Secret, Paying a Price

A dean of students faces prosecution for not telling police officers about rape accusations.

Are You Now or Have You Ever...

Under new Ohio law, some public universities require new professors to sign statement about possible links to terrorist groups.

The Right to Remain Silent

Ohio jury acquits dean of students who was indicted for failing to tell police of alleged assaults students had told her about in confidence.

Ohio State Dismantles International Office

Restructuring of university's international affairs office prompts concern from international education world.

Ohio U. Restricts File Sharing

Ohio joins just a handful of institutions to essentially ban all use of peer-to-peer technologies.

Doing the Distance Thing

Cleveland Clinic's Lerner College of Medicine is reportedly in negotiations to affiliate with Columbia, in New York. Will more hospitals hook up with remote universities?

Rescuing a College in Cleveland

Investor's bid to bail out a financially ailing business institution in the Ohio city offers hope but also carries risks -- arguably for all involved.

In Search of Self-Governance, Unionization?

Embattled Faculty Senate at Ohio U. endorses pursuing collective bargaining amid an impasse between professors and administrators.

Radio Free Oxford

In reflection of the financially vulnerable state of college broadcasting, Miami U. gives up control of its radio station, saving it money in a budget crisis but spelling the end of its locally produced programming.

The New Reverse Transfer

Part of the enrollment boom at community colleges comes from those who have left four-year institutions. Their choices -- surprising to some -- are saving money and may improve their odds at earning bachelor's degrees.


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