Post-Union Disunion

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After collective bargaining vote at Bowling Green State, trustees eliminate faculty committees and limit professors' roles in other governance areas. Is it necessary or retaliatory?

A New Model Community College

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Has a partnership between a private university and a for-profit company created a better way to get students prepared for transfer?

Deal Stopped in Its Tracks

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Responding to faculty opposition, Cuyahoga Community College suspends arrangement with Academic Partnerships to offer online accounting degree.

Why They Are Rallying

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Amid national debates over efforts to block collective bargaining in public higher education, union leaders in Ohio talk about the changes they've helped make.

The Inevitable Happens in Ohio

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Higher education chancellor resigns, citing accomplishments under new governance structure; others see predictable turnover of more politicized system.

More Than Money

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Scholars of collective bargaining in higher ed say wage gains from unions are minimal at four-year institutions, but significant at community colleges -- and that in both sectors, impact goes beyond pay.

Tactic's Father Revealed

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The legal reasoning that underpins the bill that seeks to scuttle collective bargaining for faculty unions in Ohio's public colleges came from the president of the state's association of universities, he said Tuesday.

A Heavier Load in Ohio

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Governor’s plan to force faculty to teach one more class every two years sparks more bitterness.

The Endgame Approaches

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As Ohio's bill barring collective bargaining advances, a U.S. Senator calls it a "terrible mistake."


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