San Antonio College officials debate online office hours

San Antonio College debates proposal that would allow professors to move half of their 10 required hours online. Proponents say it's next logical step in digital revolution, while critics fear reduction in student contact.

Lone Star College adopts differential tuition

Lone Star College has begun charging varying rates for courses systemwide, based on cost of delivery, and plans to add student success incentives, some of them financial.

Texas technical colleges want to link state funding and employment outcomes

Texas technical colleges want to link 45 percent of their operating budget to the employment success of graduates.

Texas community college faculty object to common textbook plan

A Texas community college district wants to save money for students by selecting common materials for each course. Faculty object, saying their teaching role is being diminished.

Houston Community College encounters challenges in Qatar

Houston Community College's experiences in Qatar -- including issues of gender segregation, administrative infighting and student discontent -- provide a cautionary tale of foreign expansion.

Texas wants to boost four-year graduation rate by 20 points


U. of Texas committee unveils plan to graduate 70 percent of next year's freshmen in four years -- up from 50 percent today.

Education Department raises hackles over clock hour definition

The Education Department's take on the definition of "clock hour" programs is too broad and could unfairly cut into federal aid, say a Texas state agency and for-profits.

Texas business group's billboard campaign on completion rates

Texas Association of Business goes after community college graduation rates with a campaign that was influenced by Complete College America.

Texas-San Antonio President Quits Over Embraces

The president of the University of Texas at San Antonio resigned Friday for his “inappropriate” behavior around women at the institution.

In a statement, President Ricardo Romo (right) apologized for his actions and announced his early retirement from the UT System.

“I have been made aware that the manner in which I embraced women made them uncomfortable and was inappropriate,” Romo said in the statement. “I understand and respect Chancellor [William] McRaven’s concerns about my behavior, and I deeply apologize for any conduct that offended anyone.”

Romo announced last fall that he intended to retire about a year later, in August 2017, but his departure from the UT System will now happen immediately.

“This will eliminate the possibility of any distraction or disruption of the great work going on at UTSA,” he wrote.

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Dual enrollment on the rise for Texas community colleges

Community colleges across Texas are finding tens of thousands of high school students who are eager to take free dual-credit courses, an approach favored by the state's mostly Republican lawmakers.


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