Texans and Their Tests

Governor links new funds for higher ed to required exit exams. He sees accountability. Others see Spellings Commission's dark side.

An In-State Tuition Debate

State by state, leaders consider the thorny question of whether students living there illegally should pay in-state fees.

The Price of Disability

Texas State agrees to reimburse student with cerebral palsy who only had access to a higher-cost dorm room.

The First Casualty

U. of Texas financial aid director, fired by the institution, is first campus official to lose job in student loan inquiry.

10 Percent Plan Survives in Texas

At last minute, legislators refuse to alter admissions system credited with promoting diversity.

A Fence Could Run Through It

U. of Texas at Brownsville worries that wall to block border crossing with Mexico could cut off a campus.

When the Balance in Funding Suddenly Shifts

A recent veto in Texas shakes up the community colleges, and sheds light on how the traditional funding formulas are increasingly unraveling.

Discouraging 'Course Fishing'

Policies that allow students to try out courses and drop them by a certain deadline are a time-honored way for colleges to encourage students to sign up for classes they're not sure about or get out of ones they don't like. But the policies are sometimes manipulated by students hunting for easy A's or a sure-to-pass course in ways that can cause headaches for faculty and administrators.

Court Upholds Autonomy for Seminaries - Will Decision Help Diploma Mills Too?

Texas Supreme Court throws out state regulation of some religious institutions -- and some fear diploma mills will gain a new way to evade scrutiny.

Mixed Results on Bonds and Taxes for Colleges and Research

Texans back funds for cancer research and student loans; several community colleges win key votes. U. of Iowa students help defeat bar limits.


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