Poster Policy Unites Obama and McCain Supporters

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Following uproar, UT Austin suspends rule barring window decorations one day after students displaying signs faced punishment.

Houston, We Have a Tax Cut

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Texas community college district opts to cut rate at which property owners are charged.

College Ends Ban on Nietzsche Quote

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"God Is Dead" (in its original German) is now deemed acceptable for professors to post on their office doors at a Texas college.

Lessons on Serving Latinos from the Border

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New report considers "scalable" models from eight colleges near the Texas-Mexico line.

Unlikely Haven for Humanities Publishing

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U. of Houston-Victoria, home to a host of scholarly publications and activities, is an emerging intellectual destination (albeit one whose coordinates not everyone knows yet).

The 10% Fight Is Back

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As U. of Texas again tries to change controversial admissions system, new research shows its value for minority students who get in and challenges "mismatch" theory.

10% Admissions -- the Full Impact

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New studies show dramatic shifts since Texas enacted law – toward reaching more high schools, but possibly excluding more transfers from community colleges.

Competing Completion Initiatives

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Educators lobby Congress to approve President’s $2.5 billion College Access and Completion Fund, as they compare and contrast varying state efforts that would benefit from federal dollars.

Transfer, Texas Style

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Educators in Lone Star State trade ideas on how to get more community college students into four-year programs.

Texas Limits '10%' Admissions

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The "10 percent" plan in Texas has been one of the most successful experiments ever tried to get more minority students into top public universities with race-neutral criteria. It spawned similar (if less ambitious) programs in California and Florida and prompted numerous debates about equity in higher education admissions.


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