The 10% Fight Is Back

As U. of Texas again tries to change controversial admissions system, new research shows its value for minority students who get in and challenges "mismatch" theory.

10% Admissions -- the Full Impact

New studies show dramatic shifts since Texas enacted law – toward reaching more high schools, but possibly excluding more transfers from community colleges.

Competing Completion Initiatives

Educators lobby Congress to approve President’s $2.5 billion College Access and Completion Fund, as they compare and contrast varying state efforts that would benefit from federal dollars.

Transfer, Texas Style

Educators in Lone Star State trade ideas on how to get more community college students into four-year programs.

Texas Limits '10%' Admissions

The "10 percent" plan in Texas has been one of the most successful experiments ever tried to get more minority students into top public universities with race-neutral criteria. It spawned similar (if less ambitious) programs in California and Florida and prompted numerous debates about equity in higher education admissions.

Court Win for Affirmative Action

Federal judge upholds University of Texas' consideration of race and ethnicity in admissions.

Mentoring, Texas-Style

A five-year-old program at the University of Texas at Austin pairs undergraduates considering graduate school with graduate students -- and seems to be working.

Colleges Win on Election Night

Voters in Texas back expansion of research universities, while tax measures that higher ed opposed fail in Maine and Washington.

A Tale of Two Cities

Dissecting fall enrollments in Pittsburgh and Dallas, we find that public colleges boomed and independent institutions mostly held on, thanks to rising tide (and more merit aid).

Texas Kills Its TeleCampus


The University of Texas System announced Thursday that it would shutter its pioneering UT TeleCampus, laying off 23 employees and reconfiguring the online education entity into a smaller operation within the system's central office.


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