Rhode Island governor proposes two free years of public higher education

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Rhode Island governor proposes plan for the state's community college, and for junior and senior years at Rhode Island College and University of Rhode Island.

New York's tuition-free plan sparks debate

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New York's governor wants to make public higher education free for most students, setting off new debate on the concept.

College price increases moderate as borrowing dips, College Board report shows

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Student borrowing drops for the fifth straight year as the rate of tuition increases slows.

Higher ed, contentious issue in recent years, flies under radar in North Carolina governor's race

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North Carolina has no shortage of higher education issues, but its gubernatorial candidates haven't been talking about them -- reflecting races across the country.

Higher education cost adjustment under fire again

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Critics say the Higher Education Cost Adjustment index leads to the wrong conclusions on state funding and policy.

Lincoln Project report offers suggestions for public research universities' financial future

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A report offers suggestions for how public research universities can thrive at a time of declining state support and increasing accountability.

Study: Increased student aid, not faculty salaries, drives tuition up

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A new study asserts that increased student aid, not faculty salaries or state cutbacks, drives prices higher.

U. of Colorado flummoxes companies promising in-state tuition to out-of-state students

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Two Colorado companies promised to help out-of-state students get in-state tuition. Then the University of Colorado cracked down.

Two years after dramatic price drop, Sewanee's tuition has climbed back up

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Sewanee got a lot of attention for dropping its sticker price in 2011. Now it's back up. 

Study questioning college-going for all is itself questioned

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A Brookings paper challenging the notion that "everyone should go to college" is itself challenged (from many sides) for overstating its case.


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