The New Community College Tuition Hike

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More two-year institutions consider charging more for in-demand workforce programs as state funds are cut.

Reckoning the Recovery

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Survey of state community college directors shows few have plans for how to balance budgets once federal stimulus dollars are gone.

The New British Tuition

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New system would let universities charge almost three times current levels.

Tightening Reins on Tuition

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In what might best be described as a game of chicken over tuition policy, a handful of public colleges in South Carolina have yet to back down.

Flexing notable muscle in late September, the State Budget and Control Board declared that it would not approve any construction projects on campuses that hiked tuition by 7 percent or more this year, barring those that would agree to roll it back for spring 2011. A slightly lower threshold of 6.3 percent was set for community colleges and technical colleges.

Big Win for Undocumented Students

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The California Supreme Court unanimously upheld a state statute affording some undocumented students in-state tuition status, overturning an earlier decision by an appellate court Monday.

Your Tub or Mine

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Economic woes force universities to reopen the debates over budget centralization.

Thawing Out After Tuition Freeze

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Illinois community college considers how holding the line affected the institution.

More Tuition Struggles Projected

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While most public and private institutions expect revenue increases for 2011, this year is foreboding for a significant percentage of private colleges.

'Sad Day For California'

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A draconian budget plan laid out Monday by California Gov. Jerry Brown would slash higher education along with other already beleaguered state agencies.

No Penalties for Missed Diversity Targets

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British universities will not face sanctions if they fail to hit enrollment goals for low-income students under the country's new tuition structure.


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