Fighting Fraud -- or Impairing Access?

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Governor’s proposed changes in N.Y. aid program aim at for-profit abuses, but may harm low-income students, critics say.

Much Hyped Tuition Plan Falls Flat

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Miami of Ohio said private-style approach would help state residents and low-income students. Now enrollments are falling.

Sticker Shock

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College isn't as good an investment as it used to be, and low-income students feel that the most.

Paying for College: Paper or Plastic?

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To cut costs, some colleges are turning to a third-party vendor for transactions involving credit card tuition payments.

Cents and Sense

Smart Title: 
Change in Florida law wipes out community college tuition and fees for qualified students.

Defaulting Donor

Smart Title: 
Executive who promised millions to three dental colleges reneges, forcing students to find money to pay tuition.

Documenting the Shift to Merit

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Public colleges -- flagship and 2-year alike -- spend hefty sums on aid to students without financial need, College Board finds.

Merit Aid on the Defensive (Publicly)

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Panelists at meeting of college presidents overwhelmingly criticize the practice, though studies show it has been on the upswing.

Paying by the Program

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Public institutions nationwide are increasingly varying undergraduate tuition rates by major.

Who Pays for the Vets?

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Debate over who should fund an Illinois program of free tuition for military personnel grows as more public colleges shoulder the costs.


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