Paying for College: Paper or Plastic?

To cut costs, some colleges are turning to a third-party vendor for transactions involving credit card tuition payments.

Cents and Sense

Change in Florida law wipes out community college tuition and fees for qualified students.

Defaulting Donor

Executive who promised millions to three dental colleges reneges, forcing students to find money to pay tuition.

Documenting the Shift to Merit

Public colleges -- flagship and 2-year alike -- spend hefty sums on aid to students without financial need, College Board finds.

Merit Aid on the Defensive (Publicly)

Panelists at meeting of college presidents overwhelmingly criticize the practice, though studies show it has been on the upswing.

Paying by the Program

Public institutions nationwide are increasingly varying undergraduate tuition rates by major.

Who Pays for the Vets?

Debate over who should fund an Illinois program of free tuition for military personnel grows as more public colleges shoulder the costs.

Documentation for the Undocumented?

Immigration reform package would offer path toward permanent legal status to college students lacking residency rights in U.S.

Florida Tuition Hikes Vetoed

Governor nixes plan to give research universities power to increase historically low rates, and freezes rates statewide.

Battle Lines in Florida

Tuition disputes, budget shortfall and continued growth combine to create a mess for higher ed.


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