A College Cuts Tuition -- and Ends Haggling

Blackburn announces 15% reduction, but by also ending bargaining with students and their families, the institution's bottom line won't change.

Cutting Tuition -- and Thriving

Going against the grain, Ohio's Lourdes College reduced its price and has seen an enrollment spike. Is that model replicable elsewhere?

Access and Equity: A Comparative Perspective

A group of Fulbright Scholars addresses major challenges to the expansion of quality higher education around the world.

Mulling Tuition Policy at Community Colleges

While educators see the value in low fees, they get challenged by a trustee who thinks it's fine for students to pay.

Shifts in Ph.D. Tuition Policy

Cornell U. and U. of Pennsylvania move to uniform pricing structures — and in Cornell’s case, a lower one. Its goal: To help professors retain their grant monies.

The Spending Side of the Equation

New analysis -- attempting to shift college cost debate -- finds shrinking share of funds going to instruction and growing public-private gap.

In California, Uncertainty on Immigrant Student Tuition

Appeals court finds that in extending lower resident tuition rates to undocumented students, state "thwarts" Congress's intent.

The Jobless Discount

Some community colleges are waiving tuition for the unemployed, as their numbers grow nationwide.

Un-Guaranteeing Tuition Prices

Iowa's Northwestern College hoped that locking in its charges to students for four years would attract families eager for tuition stability. But when enrollment fell, the experiment ended.

The Town with No Tuition?

Voters in Davenport, Iowa will decide today whether to give any local graduate nearly $20,000 for a college education -- for use anywhere.


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