College costs/prices

Surging Energy Costs

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Spike in gas and oil prices force colleges to spend millions more and try to change campus behavior.

Net Price vs. Sticker Price

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When financial aid is included, what students pay rises less sharply -- but still usually outpaces inflation, U.S. study finds.

Word Play at the MLA

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Professors choose terms -- mostly bleak ones -- to describe higher ed’s fiscal situation.

Bang for Their Bucks

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New study suggests which state higher ed systems most effectively use their funds -- and which don't.

Much Hyped Tuition Plan Falls Flat

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Miami of Ohio said private-style approach would help state residents and low-income students. Now enrollments are falling.

Happy Days Aren't Quite Here Again

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The state budget picture has been looking better lately, much to the relief of public college officials. Fewer states are pondering big budget cuts or tuition increases -- and more governors and legislators are able to sign off on salary increases, program expansions and building plans.

Don't get used to it.

Serious Message, Humorous Delivery

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College group's media campaign -- filled with comical moments -- aims to make the case for significance of higher education.

Wanted: Book for a Term

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As textbook prices soar and students complain, college stores consider programs that allow them to rent, not buy. 

A Serious Phone Bill

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Proposed change in financing telecommunications for schools and low income areas could cost colleges big bucks.

Enrollment Decline Challenges a Private College

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John Carroll's president announces $2.7 million in budget cuts to deal with a drop in students.


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