College costs/prices

Disciplines Matter

Administrators are urged to pay more attention to differentials in expenses of various departments.

Anti-Urban Bias?

New research asks why the community colleges most likely to serve low-income students are likely to receive less money.

New Option for Student Shoppers: E-Books

8 college stores plan to offer electronic texts this fall, but will they sell?

Taking Both Sides on Textbook Prices

Students' costs have risen sharply, but mostly because publishers have sought to improve teaching and learning, GAO report finds. 

Students Who Charge

Credit card debt exceeds student loan debt, a new study finds.

Student Aid and College Tax Credits

Many Americans qualify for federal education tax breaks but don't use them, U.S. study finds.

The Future of Higher Ed

U.S. education secretary forms panel to craft "national strategy" for America's college system.

Potential (and Limits) of Outsourcing

Colleges' use of outside vendors is restricted by concerns about damage to institutional culture, study finds.

Price Increases Sharpest at Public Colleges

Study also finds slight increases in share of degrees going to women and minority students.

Price Sensitive

Community college enrollments are affected by relative price increases at 2- and 4-year institutions, but not for all programs, study finds.  


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