College costs/prices

Raising the Bar?

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Houston Community College considers creating honors college and giving full scholarships to feed students into 4-year institutions.

Democrats Unveil Affordability Plan

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State block grants, restructured tax credit centerpieces of a proposal aimed at increasing access to college.

More Than a Penny Saved

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Textbook plan at Camden County College could amount to substantial savings for students.

Throwing Down the Book

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Publishers' group catches a key mistake by group that says textbook prices are too high.

Debunking Conventional Wisdom on Debt

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Public/private status and tuition rates don't necessarily predict which students will borrow the most, study finds.

Mediocre Grades for Colleges

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"Report card" on higher education finds U.S. trailing other countries -- with cost of attendance growing as problem for families.

The Harvard Effect

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Now that the country's most visible university has decided to do away with early admissions, will anyone else follow?

Textbooks, Barriers and Aid Forms

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Federal advisory panel hears testimony on a range of topics relating to college access and affordability.

No Free Lunch

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Study says there is a simple way to increase (or decrease) graduation rates: increase (or decrease) state appropriations.

Poor Grades for Saving

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Parents have high hopes for their children earning scholarships -- and modest expectations for adding to college funds.


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