College costs/prices

A Serious Phone Bill

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Proposed change in financing telecommunications for schools and low income areas could cost colleges big bucks.

Enrollment Decline Challenges a Private College

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John Carroll's president announces $2.7 million in budget cuts to deal with a drop in students.

Blame It on the Faculty

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Higher ed commission's memo cites tenure and "extraordinary power" of professors as reasons why college costs soar.

What Top Applicants Want

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Students draw on a host of factors to make a college decision, and they might not be in the order you think.

How Much Does Price Matter?

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A study of college access in one key state raises questions about the interplay of cost, race and geography.

Keeping Students, Finding Money

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Survey tracks concerns of presidents of community colleges.

Small Grants, Big Impact

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Modest bonuses improve academic success for community college students with significant need, study finds.

Pitching a Public Service Academy

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Proposed university would offer students a free, four-year education with service obligations after graduation.

Overlooked Again -- Community Colleges and Science

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NSF panel members are stunned to find impact of community colleges in producing math and science graduates.

Paying for College: Paper or Plastic?

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To cut costs, some colleges are turning to a third-party vendor for transactions involving credit card tuition payments.


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