College costs/prices

Pitching a Public Service Academy

Proposed university would offer students a free, four-year education with service obligations after graduation.

Overlooked Again -- Community Colleges and Science

NSF panel members are stunned to find impact of community colleges in producing math and science graduates.

Paying for College: Paper or Plastic?

To cut costs, some colleges are turning to a third-party vendor for transactions involving credit card tuition payments.

Mixed Bag for Higher Ed

House appropriations bill calls for $100 Pell Grant increase and level funding for programs White House proposed cutting.

A Better Look at Sports Budgets

NCAA plans new system for collecting and reporting athletics revenues and expenses -- though with limited public disclosure.

Wrangling Over Unit Records

A proposed federal database of students' academic records, supported by U.S. commission, isn’t a hit with the public, a survey finds.

Raising the Bar?

Houston Community College considers creating honors college and giving full scholarships to feed students into 4-year institutions.

Democrats Unveil Affordability Plan

State block grants, restructured tax credit centerpieces of a proposal aimed at increasing access to college.

More Than a Penny Saved

Textbook plan at Camden County College could amount to substantial savings for students.

Throwing Down the Book

Publishers' group catches a key mistake by group that says textbook prices are too high.


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