College costs/prices

Right Under Her Nose?

Margaret Spellings says higher ed must change because parents can't find basic information. What if it exists -- often on her own Web site?

Tough Questions for Transfer Students

Researchers find that the quality of lower division courses may have more impact than students realize.

Ph.D.'s in Debt

So much for the idea that stipends pay for graduate school. As deans gathered in Washington for the annual meeting of the Council of Graduate Schools, one topic of concern buzzing through the air was how much borrowing students must do these days.

An Outline with Few Details

Incoming chair of House education committee addresses -- quite generally -- higher ed issues for the year ahead.

Beyond the Flagships

U. of Texas System embraces a move to promise free tuition and fees to neediest students, with 7 of 9 universities in step so far.

A Bill from FEMA

Some students displaced by Katrina are being asked to return portions of their disaster relief money.  

Princeton Freezes Tuition

University makes unusual move -- and couples it with large room and board hikes. What will impact be?

Keeping (Tuition) Up With the Jones

Princeton's freeze draws headlines, Grinnell plans hefty hike. Some think the college raising prices is going to help more students.

Tuition Runs Out Today

Albright College raises awareness of the true cost of education by citing role of donors in subsidizing a third of the academic year.

Tilting Toward Need-Based Aid

With expected family contributions slowing, George Washington U. plans to decrease merit awards.


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