College costs/prices

Portrait of the College CFO

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Quality of life and influence in the institution matter most to chief financial officers -- far more than pay, survey finds.

The Working Poor and College Access

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New report chronicles the barriers experienced by an oft-ignored group and offers some solutions.

Dubious Approach to Cost Containment

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Proposals to punish colleges based on rate of tuition increase will hurt public colleges and spare many pricey institutions, study finds.

Positive Financial Assessment of Private Colleges

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Citing endowment returns and strong student demand, Standard & Poor's reports continued strength in college and university bond ratings.

Where the Hispanic Students Are (And Aren't)

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A new report that examines the reasons why nearly half of all Latino undergraduates

New Front in Florida's Budget Wars

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In Florida, where budget shortfalls are hitting higher education particularly hard, the public universities are going to battle with the Legislature over the power to raise tuition and freeze freshman enrollment.

The (Non-Monetary) Value of a College Degree

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College graduates smoke less and are likelier to exercise than other Americans. And they're civically engaged, the College Board says in a new report touting public benefits of higher education.

Rate of Tuition Increases Is Up

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Annual study by College Board also finds continued growth in share of borrowing that comes from private loans.

Who Should Be Ashamed?

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Congress is jazzed about plan to embarrass colleges with above-average tuition increases. But will the "watch list" identify profligate spenders -- or discriminate against colleges with working class students?

Inviting States to Innovate

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Higher education reform project to distribute more than $10 million to coalitions of political, education and business leaders who craft plans to increase college productivity.


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