College costs/prices

Cost and the College Trustee

Though charged with institutions' fiscal health, even board members lack information about where the money goes, survey finds. 

California's Low Tuition Model Questioned

As most of American higher education has over time abandoned the idea that the best way to ensure access to college is by keeping tuitions low, California has clung to the principle as it was laid out in the state's 1960 master plan for higher education. To this day, students at its community colleges pay by far the country's lowest "fees" (a phrase the state uses in lieu of tuition).

Who Controls Textbook Choices?

U. of North Carolina may adopt systemwide rules limiting faculty options. Students like the idea, but some professors don't.

40 Years of Changes in the Student Body

Researchers who conduct annual survey of freshmen offer a look at long-term trends.

The Students Weigh In

Loan scandals are just barely on many students' radar screens -- but say the word "loan," and they care (at least a little bit).

Tracking Sports Spending

NCAA gives Knight panel sneak preview of how athletics budget information will be collected and sorted.

Next Chapter on Textbooks

As U.S. panel calls for online collaboration to provide lower-cost options, debate continues on the appropriate federal role.

A Return to Need-Blind Admissions

Why Vassar decided to spend more on student aid -- a decade after concluding it couldn't continue to do so.

An Ambitious Student Aid Bill

House legislation would benefit students, cost lenders billions, and punish colleges that raise their prices too much.

Price Controls or Transparency?

Proposed reporting requirements on college costs renew debate over what motivates institutions to economize.


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