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House Bill Would Alter College Cost Provisions

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Reworked Higher Ed Act legislation would limit scrutiny to 5 percent of colleges that raise tuition price the most, but ramp up other reporting requirements.

Call to Arms for Private Colleges

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In an address to fellow presidents about the future of higher education, MIT's leader says "our story isn’t well understood by Congress or the public."

'Most Expensive' College Takes Steps Not to Be

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If any college in the country had an incentive to respond to the growing pressure from politicians to make higher education more affordable, it might be George Washington University, which Forbes recently characterized as "the most expensive four-year university in the U.S. (and most likely the world)."

Different Sides of the Cost Conversation

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A panel of college leaders and outside experts responds to, among other topics, recent financial aid initiatives by elite private institutions.

Good Years Before the Bad

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Annual analysis of state and local support finds healthy increase for fiscal 2007, but long-term rise in reliance on tuition.

A University's Fund Raising Arm Comes Under Attack

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At a time when endowment spending practices are coming under increasing scrutiny on a national stage, local efforts to draw attention to such issues are also receiving their collective days in the sun.

Mixed Picture on Cost Containment

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Report on state colleges finds many are satisfied with efforts to reduce institutional spending, but not enough do so in systematic and data-driven way.

Out of the Money

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When colleges introduce expanded aid or loan forgiveness programs, those not fully benefiting often wonder why.

How to Head Off a Potential Student Loan Crisis

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Panelists before the Senate Banking Committee stop short of calling it a crisis, but they settle on a few policy options to avert one just in case.

The Spending Side of the Equation

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New analysis -- attempting to shift college cost debate -- finds shrinking share of funds going to instruction and growing public-private gap.


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