College costs/prices

New Wave of Student Activism

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Are the protests in California the start of a new national movement for access and affordability?

Upgraded in Down Economy

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A handful of private colleges see bond ratings improve during the financial crisis, crediting conservative budgeting and building reserves.

Stimulus for Student Grades

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Fort Hays State is using federal economic recovery funds to pay $5 per credit for every grade of C or higher.

New Realities

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Presidents of liberal arts colleges share views on how the economic downturn has changed their financial decisions and all-important admissions strategies.

New Push in New York

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Public higher ed leaders say governor's proposals on tuition and regulation could result in huge infusion of funds for faculty hiring and facilities.

It's Up to the Department Now

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WASHINGTON — Months of negotiations on the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed revisions to regulations intended to guard against abuses of the federal financial aid program ended Friday with no agreement on the most controversial issues under consideration.

Ceiling for Tuition Hikes

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Middlebury, in unusual move, plans to limit future increases to no more than 1 percentage point above inflation rate.

Slipping (Further) Off the Pedestal

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Americans increasingly recognize centrality of higher education, but believe more each day that colleges care more about bottom line than about students, survey finds. Does that matter?

Drop-Out Insurance

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Is the market to assure parents of tuition refunds about to take off?

The Completion Cacophony

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5 foundations back new group to propel state efforts to get more people into and out of college with credentials.


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