College costs/prices

Some details on proposed Obama budget for higher ed 2013

Community colleges would get $8 billion over the next 3 years, the maximum Pell Grant would increase, and some research funding would grow in the president's proposed budget for higher education programs.

UC system weighs shift in tuition payments to after graduation

Proposal being weighed by University of California to shift student payments to after graduation and tie them to income would be a dramatic change in how education is financed.

Higher education proposals included in State of the Union

In State of the Union speech, Obama calls for keeping student loan interest rates low and warns colleges to stop raising tuition -- or risk losing federal support.

Is Romney Right about Full Sail University?

Mitt Romney singled out the university while praising for-profits as cost-effective. Full Sail graduates 78 percent of its students, but is it really the better value Romney suggested?

Survey sheds light on how cost, earnings information influences decisions over higher ed


New survey shows a partisan divide over higher ed aspirations for children -- that narrows when Republicans and Democrats are given more information. And study finds skepticism of affirmative action.

A new journalism degree from Columbia, with a $150K catch

Cost of Columbia’s new graduate degree in data journalism slammed by journalists.

Survey finds regrets among most former college students but belief in quality of their education

Most former college students say they would change either their major, college attended or credential pursued if they could do it all over again, survey finds.

University of Maine sees slower growth in second year of Flagship Match program


University of Maine sleds uphill by trying to draw students from faraway California and Illinois with program matching in-state flagship rates of other states, but sees yet more gains from New England.

Students tend to overspend on college, report finds, often by choice

Most students pay more for college than an affordability benchmark recommends, according to a new report, and some of the overspending is by choice.

Wages earnings increase significantly for associate-degree holders

Associate degrees can lead to far greater wage earnings than certificates, a new report shows.


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