Burlington College campus purchase still coming back to haunt Jane Sanders

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Burlington College closed last year, but controversy still swirls over reports of a federal investigation into land deal by a former president, Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie -- an investigation allegedly sparked by a prominent Republican.

Holy Cross of Indiana assures students after email brought up idea of closure

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As students worry in the wake of email speculating on closure of Holy Cross in Indiana, board chair says he is not concerned about the college closing in the near future.

Trump suggests aid to black colleges may be unconstitutional but aides say he won't change policy

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On Friday, he suggests aid program for black colleges may be unconstitutional. On Sunday, he says his support for the institutions is “unwavering.”

Purdue faculty votes against Kaplan process

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Senate passes resolution rebuking the university’s unexpected acquisition and calling for it to be rescinded.

Purdue's deal for Kaplan packs low up-front costs, long terms and boundary-pushing details

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Purdue’s deal for Kaplan U trades a long-term business relationship for low up-front costs while raising worries -- especially among faculty groups -- about blurred lines between public and private higher ed.

Study examines role of search firms in finding women leaders

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Female candidates tend to do better as recruitment processes progress, a study finds.

Ann Coulter will back out of Berkeley talk

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The controversial conservative author has decided not to speak at Berkeley, saying it would not be safe.

New York's tuition-free college program sparks debates and defenses

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Clawback provisions and residency requirements worry critics, but New York's governor is pushing the big picture.

New York State reaches deal to provide free tuition for SUNY and CUNY students

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SUNY and CUNY students from families with incomes up to $125,000 will not pay tuition. But some aid experts are alarmed by requirement that graduates stay in state for same number of years they receive the benefit.

Rider University plows new ground with Westminster Choir College sale

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Rider University, once seen as a savior for Westminster Choir College, looks to sell the institution after groups raised their voices against relocation.


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