What does the Department of Labor's overtime rule mean for higher education?

Obama administration's proposed rules would extend overtime protections to millions -- including many postdocs and other employees in higher ed. Would the plan provide overdue relief or be a financial disaster for colleges and universities?

Williams College blocks a controversial speaker from appearing on campus

College says John Derbyshire's statements constitute hate speech, so student group is blocked from playing host to him on campus.

Author discusses new book on changes in higher education marketplace

Author discusses his new book on "the changing marketplace" facing colleges and universities.

Mount St. Mary's reinstates professors it fired

President of Mount St. Mary's in Maryland says he reinstated two professors he fired. Faculty asks president to quit. Many report fear for their jobs and uncertainty over liberal arts and Catholic heritage. Many students back president. Plus video satire.

Washington state community college leaders work to get ERP software rollout back on track


An error-riddled software pilot in Washington State highlights the challenges colleges face when they replace systems that power virtually every process on campus.

Berkeley announces major strategic planning process to address long-term budget issues

University announces major strategic planning initiative to address long-term budgetary concerns. Is it a canary in the coal mine or will it emerge as a model for other institutions seeking similar solutions?

Academics and academic groups respond with fury over firing of 2 professors at Mount St. Mary's

Academics respond with speed and anger after the president of Mount St. Mary's -- who advocated treating at-risk students as bunnies to drown -- fires two faculty members.

Mount St. Mary's president fires two faculty members, one with tenure

Mount St. Mary's fires two faculty members. One was tenured professor charged with lack of loyalty. The other advised student newspaper that recently exposed president's quotes about "drowning bunnies."

Senator Ted Cruz’s views on higher education and scientific research


The Texas Republican's record and views put him largely at odds with colleges and universities.

Mount St. Mary's board blames faculty for furor over president's metaphor and plans

Mount St. Mary's board defends president and blames small faculty group for controversy over his "inappropriate metaphor" and plans for freshmen. Emails obtained by Inside Higher Ed back original reports about president's goals.


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