Colleges with debt troubles are making new promises to investors

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Colleges with distressed debt are making new promises to delay financial ramifications from investors.

Oklahoma legislature targets AP US history framework for being 'negative'

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Historians condemn recent attempt by Oklahoma legislature to defund AP American history curriculum for being too "negative."

New Delphi Project report outlines evolving faculty models and growing support for reform

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Report seeks a broad rethinking of the structure of professors' jobs, with a strong emphasis on academic freedom and equitable treatment, but an openness to radical change.

Bernie Sanders calls for two tuition-free years of all public colleges and universities

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Senator Sanders, the Vermont independent and possible 2016 presidential contender, calls on Congress to boost federal higher ed spending to allow states to slash public college tuition in half.

UNC board panel wants to shut down center on poverty led by faculty member who criticizes conservatives

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Professor who leads center on poverty repeatedly criticizes conservative leaders -- and board panel of allies of those he criticized moves to eliminate his research center.

President, under scrutiny from accreditor, has to return to school

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San Bernardino Valley College's accreditor said the college's new president doesn't have the necessary education to be president.

Recent controversial non-reappointments of popular deans raise questions about role of faculty in deans' reviews

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At one university, faculty are angry that the administration dumped the popular leader of a college. At another university, faculty want more say that might allow them to dump a college's leader.

Berkeley tries to track and address salary gaps among professors

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A Berkeley analysis of disparities by race and gender in faculty salaries raises key questions: Which gaps matter? Why do gaps vary? What can be done to eliminate them?

Should Western colleges do business in Saudi Arabia?

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Flogging and jailing of liberal blogger in Saudi Arabia renews debate on whether Western universities and scholars should be helping to build higher education in the country.

Endowment funds grew as donors and investments came through

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Healthy stock markets in the United States and abroad allowed colleges to spend more money from their endowment funds.


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