Debate over a university president's comments on rape

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Video circulates of the leader of Lincoln U. of Pennsylvania questioning the motives of female students who bring rape allegations.

Trustees told they need to step up their game or risk higher education's future

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Poor board governance could risk the future of American higher education, according to a new report by the Association of Governing Boards.


Governors races and impact on higher education

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Winners include some whose views on public colleges have been controversial and others whose views have won widespread praise.

Bates College administrators squash popular Halloween-time party

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As Bates College aims to combat excessive drinking, administrators anger students by unilaterally canceling a popular drinking event held until now every Halloween season.

Tufts adjuncts tout pay and job security gains in first union contract

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Adjuncts at Tufts say their first union contract, which includes significant pay and job security gains and a right to be interviewed for full-time positions, could be a model for new unions in negotiations elsewhere.


Higher ed trade group presidents make more than many college presidents

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Heads of higher education associations often make more than the presidents of the colleges they represent.

Florida governor candidates spar over higher education funding

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Gubernatorial candidates have traded barbs for months over their records and the state's colleges and universities.

Cathy Davidson's new big idea

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Cathy Davidson’s no stranger to big ideas. But her latest project at CUNY Graduate Center might just be her biggest yet.

Scrutiny of two presidents over their sexual conduct

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Details emerge of harassment allegations against a fired campus leader in Oregon; an incoming head of theological seminary admits to affair.

Is there a way to reduce costs and preserve appropriate student-faculty ratios?

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Gates-funded project looks at how colleges could reduce number of sections, while theoretically being guided by faculty views on teaching. Will this approach change the discussion?



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