U of Illinois releases inappropriately withheld emails on controversies over Salaita and Kilgore

University admits some officials used personal email accounts to inappropriately withhold information sought in FOIA requests on Salaita and other controversies. Here's what the chancellor and others didn't want known.

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire responds to massive cuts in state support

At a regional university far from Madison politics, administrators and faculty struggle to make huge cuts quickly while preserving what they say has made their campus mean so much to students.

After shooting by campus police officer, university reconsiders campus police force policies

After a University of Cincinnati police officer kills a man, university officials consider reforms to the campus police force.

Two Christian colleges announce they will hire faculty members in same-sex marriages


Two Christian colleges change hiring rules to permit employment of faculty members who are in same-sex marriages.

Exit interview with outgoing University System of Maryland Chancellor Brit Kirwan

After 25 years leading two major universities and a public higher ed system, Brit Kirwan has retired. In an interview, he discusses online education, historically black universities and other key issues.

What's at stake when universities raise their minimum wage?

More and more colleges and universities are voluntarily choosing to increase their minimum wage. Why do they do it and how much does it cost?

Will Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage challenge or change Christian colleges?

Some experts see threat to tax-exempt status of institutions if they continue to bar same-sex relationships.

Faculty members criticize proposed changes to gen ed accreditation standards for engineers

Critics say proposed changes to accreditation standards for general education dilute the competencies that give U.S.-trained students a competitive edge. Accreditor, meanwhile, says new standards will lead to easier assessment of outcomes and more innovation in teaching.

TIAA-CREF survey reveals adjuncts' concerns about having enough savings in retirement

TIAA-CREF survey reveals adjunct faculty members' concerns about having enough savings to retire. Experts say the situation for most adjuncts is even more dire.

Survey finds severance packages commonly offered for presidents

A new survey finds that 60 percent of four-year colleges offer severance packages to fired presidents.


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