Colleges consider how flexible to be with students protesting killings of unarmed black men

Oberlin refuses demand to bar F grades while protests continue over police shootings. How flexible should colleges be for students feeling vulnerable over current events? How flexible should students be about protests in the library during finals?

Arizona State tells non-tenure-track writing instructors to teach an extra course each semester


Arizona State tells non-tenure-track English instructors to shift from 4-4 to 5-5 course load, without increase in compensation and in violation of professional codes on how many writing students one can effectively teach.

Presidents face scrutiny for involvement in events linked to police killings of black men

Some campus leaders take visible public stands over police killings of unarmed black men. Not everyone likes this type of activism by presidents -- even as others say they long for it.

Congressional deal on spending would modestly boost student aid and research, restore 'ability-to-benefit' program

Compromise would modestly fund student aid programs and scientific research. It would also restore the “ability to benefit” program. 

U. California president calls for greater efforts to defend graduate education

Janet Napolitano, U. of California president, says deans and other academics have been too quiet and have avoided lobbying for too long, while state and federal policies have moved in the wrong direction.

Asbestos, land deals and a bullet part of controversy at Texas community college

A bullet goes through through the front door of a Texas community college board member's home. Is it because he is critical of the administration and his fellow board members?

U. of Oregon grad students strike for better benefits

U. of Oregon graduate teaching assistants walk out, with end of semester looming, after failed negotiations over paid leave. 

Swarthmore drops findings against male student who sued under Title IX

College vacates findings that led to expulsion of student who then sued under Title IX, arguing that handling of sexual misconduct allegations discriminated against men who were accused.

Eckerd president criticized for his advice to students on how to avoid rape

Leader of Eckerd angers students when he tells them to prevent sexual assault by drinking less and avoiding casual sex.

Lincoln U. of Pa. president, criticized for rape remarks, is out of his job

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania resignation follows intense criticism over comments about women.


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