NYU confirms end date for Sexton presidency

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University confirms that John Sexton will end presidency by 2016, and abandons policy of offering favorable loans to top officials for vacation homes.

Scientists applaud Ball State president's position on intelligent design

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After investigation of professor accused of promoting religious views in a science course, Ball State U.'s president says intelligent design shouldn't be taught in such classes.

2 Christian colleges announce merger

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Montreat and Point -- both Christian colleges -- announce plans to combine operations under the Point name. Online reaction from Montreat alumni is swift and negative.

Could music students be more at risk for sexual misconduct by professors?

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Recent charges of sexual assault and harassment by music professors raise old questions about a "sinister trend" in the discipline. Experts blame a mix of cultural factors and unique windows of opportunity.

E-mails reveal that Mitch Daniels, as governor, tried to ban Howard Zinn book

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Mitch Daniels, while governor of Indiana, tried to ban the teaching of Howard Zinn and sought to cut funds to program led by a professor who was a critic, AP investigation reveals. UPDATE: Daniels responds.

UConn launches investigation into its own handling of child sex abuse allegations against professor

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UConn goes public with investigation into child sex abuse allegations against professor -- and some documents indicate that as far back as 2006, some at the university were told of the charges.

Video shows Rutgers basketball coach assaulting players and using slurs

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Video obtained by ESPN shows basketball coach kicking players, hurling balls at their heads and using anti-gay slurs. University briefly suspended coach in December, but didn't take further action until the video became public

Emory president sets off uproar with statements on three-fifths compromise and then apologizes

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Emory president praises Constitution's three-fifths compromise as model for dealing with disagreements today.  Facing outrage, he apologizes for "clumsiness and insensitivity."

New Purdue president outlines critiques of higher education

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Former governor of Indiana, in first week as Purdue president, issues unusually frank letter about challenges facing higher education, urging university to become "counterexample" to the failings of academe.

NYU vote of no confidence highlights divergent views of faculty role in governance

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Upcoming vote of no confidence in NYU president highlights a divide between how faculty members and administrators understand their roles in governance.


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