Gay rights group's FOIA request for professor's research pits privacy vs. academic freedom

FOIA requests regarding (another) U. of Virginia professor's research raise questions about email privacy and academic freedom yet again. And this time, the professor happens to be married to the university's president.

Study suggests research plays bigger role in faculty evaluations, student evaluations could matter less

Research is playing a bigger role in faculty evaluations, while collegiality is declining in importance, study suggests. Student evaluations remain important in assessing faculty, but could be given less weight going forward.

Unofficial Internet campaign outs professor for alleged sexual harassment, attempted assault

Controversial Internet campaign "outing" an unnamed philosophy professor for alleged sexual assault and harassment attracts praise and criticism.

Arizona State professor accused of plagiarism for second time

A professor accused and cleared of intentional plagiarism has been accused again, this time for his new book. His defenders say the real issue is that the allegations are being made anonymously.

Duke and UNC debate changing names of buildings that honor racists

U. of North Carolina and Duke consider wiping away the names of campus buildings that honor Ku Klux Klan leader and white supremacists.

Private colleges go west for students, don't find them yet

Five private colleges go to Arizona seeking students. So far, most are disappointed. 

A Vermont liberal arts college is expecting things will get bad


While dozens of liberal arts colleges are banking on plans to grow, a Vermont institution doesn't think that's realistic, and has developed a path to preserve itself by getting smaller.


Research shows professors work long hours and spend much of day in meetings

New research finds professors spend considerable time in meetings and on administrative tasks, and much of their time alone.

Faculty salaries are up 2.2% but report sees many financial issues facing professors

Faculty salaries outpace inflation, according to a new AAUP report, which notes many lingering economic challenges. Plus lists of the institutions with the highest salaries.

Middlebury backs away from attempt to control rising prices


Middlebury College gives itself a loophole in its plan linking tuition, room and board to inflation.



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