Syracuse, after refusing to play the rankings game, may care again


After years of decisions that increased diversity but didn't help it in the rankings, Syracuse University might start caring again.

Can Cooper Union survive without tuition?

An 18-member panel has a plan to save Cooper Union without charging tuition. The blueprint already has opponents inside the administration.

Most presidents doubt Obama's plan to promote affordable higher education


Gallup/Inside Higher Ed poll of college presidents find that most doubt many aspects of the president's plan to make college more affordable.

Hopkins plans shifts in graduate school and faculty hiring

Pioneer in the research university model wants to shrink graduate enrollment (but offer much better stipends to those who are admitted), to favor junior faculty for tenure-track openings. Grad students object.

Private colleges remain under the weather

At a number of small private colleges this year, disappointing enrollments have led to layoffs, program cuts, bond-rating downgrades and more.

Black professor's essay raises questions on why she was investigated after offending white students

A black female professor says she has been repeatedly investigated by her college for talking about race in ways that offended some white students.

How is a new president supposed to clean house?

How is a new president supposed to clean house? Dos and don'ts from a presidency-cut-short at U. of Wyoming.

Labor College, backed by the A.F.L.-C.I.O. for decades, closes because of finances

A union-backed college is forced to shut down. To blame: debt on campus renovations, online effort that didn't work, and waning support from organized labor. Are there lessons for other colleges?


Brown U. president calls for broad review of a lecture that was shouted down

President calls for review of incident where speaker was shouted down, and of campus climate for dissenting views. Is this university worse than others -- or has it just become a punching bag for the right?

Secret merger, now public, meets opposition in Georgia

A plan to merge Kennesaw State and Southern Polytechnic in Georgia is running into opposition.


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