Controversy at UC Davis escalates into wider debate on presidents on corporate boards

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Controversy over Davis chancellor's brief membership on DeVry board escalates into broader debate over a common practice.

Experts doubt debacle at Mount St. Mary's will diminish board interest in nontraditional presidents

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Despite the debacle at Mount St. Mary's, some presidential search committees are likely to continue to seek out candidates without traditional academic careers, experts say.

President quits at Mount St. Mary's

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After months of turmoil and criticism, Simon Newman leaves, effective immediately. He calls recent controversy "too great of a distraction."

Accreditor demands answers from Mount St. Mary's on numerous standards

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Accreditor orders university to provide answers on how recent developments may place it out of compliance with one requirement and four standards.

U of Missouri board votes to fire Melissa Click as assistant professor

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Dismissal is linked to two incidents -- both videotaped -- in which the professor was involved in protests. Faculty leaders say that board violated due process and university procedures.

What does the Department of Labor's overtime rule mean for higher education?

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Obama administration's proposed rules would extend overtime protections to millions -- including many postdocs and other employees in higher ed. Would the plan provide overdue relief or be a financial disaster for colleges and universities?

Williams College blocks a controversial speaker from appearing on campus

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College says John Derbyshire's statements constitute hate speech, so student group is blocked from playing host to him on campus.

Author discusses new book on changes in higher education marketplace

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Author discusses his new book on "the changing marketplace" facing colleges and universities.

Mount St. Mary's reinstates professors it fired

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President of Mount St. Mary's in Maryland says he reinstated two professors he fired. Faculty asks president to quit. Many report fear for their jobs and uncertainty over liberal arts and Catholic heritage. Many students back president. Plus video satire.

Washington state community college leaders work to get ERP software rollout back on track

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An error-riddled software pilot in Washington State highlights the challenges colleges face when they replace systems that power virtually every process on campus.


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