Student life

Congress puts more focus on student parents with new funding

Congress triples federal funding for low-income student parents, and advocates welcome the support -- the first new investment in years -- but say much more is needed.

California Supreme Court rules public colleges must protect students in education-related activities

California Supreme Court has determined public colleges in the state must warn and shield their students from potential violent acts. Experts say the ruling could have nationwide implications.

Midwestern State's handling of sexual assault cases under fire

The university has since partially removed his duties related to Title IX cases at Midwestern State, but many students remain furious about the comments and the university's handling of sexual assault.

Stanford students challenge Apple on iPhone addiction

New Stanford student group, concerned about device addiction, wants Apple to help.

Duke University blocks students from picking their roommates freshman year


Duke University takes away from first-year students the ability to pick their roommates. This move goes against recent trends -- and raises questions about diversity, tolerance and the college experience.

Parental involvement drastically changes students' college experience, study shows

New study shows how wealthy parents and their involvement with their children drastically changes the college experience.

Gun reform movement spreads on college campuses

College students organize protests and become activists on gun reform after the deadly shooting in Florida.

Research suggests that colleges broaden students' political views


Study counters widely held views about how students' political views change when they arrive in college.

Experts: States likely to keep abolishing free-speech zones

State legislatures are banning spaces colleges have carved out for free expression and protest that many consider restrictive.

University of Alabama may have violated First Amendment by kicking out racist student, experts say


Civil liberties supporters want University of Alabama president to reverse expulsion of student who posted racist rants, saying her First Amendment rights were violated.


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