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Student protests and university cancellations follow Milo Yiannopoulos speaking tour

Even the name of this man's speaking tour is inflammatory -- certainly a no-go during prime time -- and students are interrupting his appearances, accusing him of being sexist and promoting rape culture. Meet Milo Yiannopoulos.

Penn administrator, after claiming Ph.D. he didn't have, loses job

A University of Pennsylvania student affairs administrator loses his job over false claim he had a Ph.D.

Young Republican voters flock to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump


While Bernie Sanders, as expected, captured the younger Democratic electorate, such voters were also key for Ted Cruz on the Republican side. Donald Trump has built a student base as well.

Thomas Jefferson is next target of students who question honors for figures who were racists


At University of Missouri and William & Mary, some place notes on statues honoring the author of Declaration of Independence, calling him a rapist and a racist.

What should educators make of spray-painting campus statues and symbols of the old South?


Some people aren't waiting patiently for colleges to rename buildings or remove statues of racist figures of the Southern past. Is spray paint the appropriate tool? Some experts predict a rise in "historical guerrilla warfare."

What kind of resources do colleges provide to students with complaints?

Fed up with slow administration responses, students have taken complaints to the press and social media -- to the frustration of their institutions. What other options do students have before they go public?

U of Minnesota responds to student complaint about posters

Should U of Minnesota have investigated and questioned the judgment of professors whose poster promoting a panel discussion on the Charlie Hebdo murders offended Muslim students?

Senator McCaskill and others renew push on campus sex assault, make changes to bill

Renewing their push to combat campus sexual assault, a bipartisan group of 10 senators outlined modest revisions to their legislation aimed at holding colleges more accountable.

Study finds big gaps between student and employer perceptions

Survey finds that college students think they are being well-prepared with the skills and qualities needed for careers. Employers are dubious.

Bates College administrators squash popular Halloween-time party

As Bates College aims to combat excessive drinking, administrators anger students by unilaterally canceling a popular drinking event held until now every Halloween season.


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