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Senator McCaskill and others renew push on campus sex assault, make changes to bill

Renewing their push to combat campus sexual assault, a bipartisan group of 10 senators outlined modest revisions to their legislation aimed at holding colleges more accountable.

Study finds big gaps between student and employer perceptions

Survey finds that college students think they are being well-prepared with the skills and qualities needed for careers. Employers are dubious.

Bates College administrators squash popular Halloween-time party

As Bates College aims to combat excessive drinking, administrators anger students by unilaterally canceling a popular drinking event held until now every Halloween season.

Sewanee puts faculty back in charge of freshman advising

It's hard to offer meaningful advising to new students before they arrive on campus. But Sewanee says it can be done, with professors making key decisions.


Are college marching bands hotbeds of hazing?

Dismissal of marching band director at Ohio State reflects an unwillingness to tolerate behavior that once would have been written off as tradition.

For extra eyes and ears, many institutions employ student security guards

Jon Meis's heroism -- displayed when the 22-year-old engineering student pepper-sprayed and tackled a gunman at Seattle Pacific University -- is rare. The phenomenon of students working for campus security, however, is common, experts say.

Would forcing fraternities to admit women reduce sexual assaults?

Students and faculty at Wesleyan U. push to end all-male Greek houses. Would such a shift protect women?

Colleges confront an increase in use of heroin by students

Facing overdoses and regional scourges, campuses start to see that substance abuse problems don’t just revolve around alcohol and marijuana.


Colleges consider why students are getting killed falling from buildings

A series of deaths and injuries in which students fell from buildings has some colleges rethinking policies.


Some dorm room deposits are called unethical

Students spend countless thousands on housing fees for dorms they may never live in at colleges and universities they may never attend. Are these charges ethical?


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