Student life

It's Halloween Weekend on Campus

At colleges across the country, students will be dressing up and downing drinks this weekend, engaging in any number of tricks not for kids. Traditions, new and old, die hard on Halloween. One legendary party is being resurrected, another lives on, while others on campus use Halloween as an opportunity to do good -- and even, strange as it may seem, to address the country’s challenges in science education.

What's Next? Bubonic Plague?

Ahh, the golden days of yore: family dinners in front of the fireplace, unlocked front doors, children riding bikes trailed by streamers, softly squeezing their horns as the ice cream truck sings – and mumps and whooping cough and tuberculosis, oh my.

Tragedy in an Elevator

Student's death at Ohio State points to potential problem faced by many colleges with high-rise dormitories.

Crafting a Youth 'Voter Culture'

Early precinct tallies collected by two voter mobilization groups showed increased turnout among young voters from the last mid-term election in 2002, with anecdotal reports from across the nation bolstering the early findings.

How Explicit Is Too Explicit?

Chalked political messages on sidewalks are a campus tradition, but some at Swarthmore say they have gone too far.

Stealing the News

Thousands of papers disappear at U. of Kentucky -- latest in string of thefts of student publications on various campuses.

Racism Rears Its Head

A wave of race-related incidents on college campuses begs the question: Is it always about hate?

The Full-Time Advantage

Study on community college students' engagement suggests difficulties for the growing part-time population.

Meth Use: How Widespread on Campus?

As Justice Department reaches out to students, health educators are unsure of the extent of the problem.

Free Speech and Punishment at Hopkins

Students support suspended student who posted Facebook invitation, deemed racially insensitive, to “Halloween in the Hood” party.


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