Student life

Understanding Gaps Among Asian Groups

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GAO study points to widely varying educational attainment and income of different nationalities in the United States.

Can Anyone Police File Sharing?

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Many students who get their music online view the Congressional debate and their colleges' enforcement strategies as temporary annoyances.

Voter Ed -- Of, For and By Students

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Group looks to use education, not pop culture, to get young people excited about voting in '08 -- and to make sure they can.

The Stuff Factor

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Students, increasingly the target of retail marketing, are bringing more to their dorms.

Business (School) Casual

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Illinois State University's College of Business is set to require students in certain majors to dress up for class -- or leave.

Educating for Responsibility

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Lots of colleges talk about preparing students for civic and social contributions. New study explores why students only get the message at some institutions.

Forget Friending -- Roommate Me

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For the first time, incoming students at San Francisco State U. can select who they want to live with by searching online profiles.

Momentum for Gender Neutrality

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Study finds more colleges -- especially in Northeast -- are amending anti-bias policies and adding options for housing and bathrooms.

Hazing Charges Against University Officials Dropped

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Indictments against Rider administrators had prompted colleges to redouble their commitments to stop abuse of students -- but at what cost?

Political Engagement 101

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Specific curricular approaches can move students beyond apathy and ignorance -- without necessarily changing their ideologies, new Carnegie study finds.


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