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In New Orleans, Move-In Day (Again)

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As students return to Loyola U. campus after pre-hurricane evacuation, the campus is neat and the mood upbeat, but storm clouds loom (literally).

On Stopping Student Drinking, a Salivary Solution?

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North Idaho College's new policy calls for using alcohol test strips to determine if students in its (dry) dorm have been drinking.

'The Dionysian End to Summer'

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Smith College rings in the new academic year in a most revealing way. Still, administrators worry that its students may not be putting their best foot forward. As a result, the institution has curbed what some consider lewd student behavior at a popular academic event.

Understanding Students Who Were 'Born Digital'

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Kids these days!

Cruise Virus Becomes Campus Virus

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As Georgetown students recover, possible outbreak hits U. of Southern California, and other incidents are likely.

Poster Policy Unites Obama and McCain Supporters

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Following uproar, UT Austin suspends rule barring window decorations one day after students displaying signs faced punishment.

The Politics of Election Day Classes

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Civic-minded students advocate for canceling or excusing absences from classes; many colleges leave the matter up to individual professors.

Using JuicyCampus as 'a Weapon Against Itself'

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Typically, students curious to read the latest gossip and hearsay written by their classmates have only to stop by JuicyCampus, an anonymous message board that has gained notoriety over the past year for refusing to block potentially libelous and damaging posts that in many cases name names.

Why More Colleges Want Jewish Students

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Small institutions that have had low enrollment levels for Jews are pushing to increase them -- and in so doing raise delicate questions.

Rooming With Your Child

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College of Saint Mary offers alternative on-campus housing opportunity for single mothers.


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