Student life

Data on Helicopter Parents

Students walking across campus talking on their cells are probably chatting with Mom, survey finds.

The Price of Disability

Texas State agrees to reimburse student with cerebral palsy who only had access to a higher-cost dorm room.

Slap on the Wrist at Columbia?

Minimal punishments for students who disrupted speech renew debate over free expression and tolerance.

An Unknown Resource?

Research suggests that institutional sex offender registries aren't commonly used or known -- even to offenders themselves.

When a Student Dies

College leaders need to consider a range of issues when responding to the tragedies that take place every year.

To Students, Congress Tops 'American Idol'

College students are regularly criticized as being ignorant, self-absorbed and interested only in pop culture. But a new national study -- conducted by Tufts University researchers -- found that students know more about politics and civic life than many fear they do, and more than those in the same age group who are not in college.

The survey was conducted of people aged 18-24 who are not in the military. Half of those surveyed were in college full time and half were not. Demographics matched the population as a whole.

Among the findings:

A Campus for the Arts in Georgia

Columbus State U.'s new downtown branch distinctive in terms of private support, urban revitalization and investment in the fine arts.

The Students Weigh In

Loan scandals are just barely on many students' radar screens -- but say the word "loan," and they care (at least a little bit).

How Another University Coped

Nearly 20 years ago, 35 Syracuse U. students died while aboard Pan Am Flight 103. The university is still responding.

Action and Realism on Security

Recent years have seen colleges add safety measures, but experts warn about unrealistic expectations in wake of this week's tragedy.


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