Student life

Poking Fun at Community Colleges

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NBC to debut sitcom, co-starring Chevy Chase, following a lovable group of "losers" at a two-year institution. Some in academe, however, are not laughing.

Lost Men on Campus

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Scholars at national conference link issues of identity and masculinity to gender gaps in academic performance.

Paying for Campus Health Care

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At college health gathering, a packed house hears encouragement for the idea of requiring all students to be enrolled in a single insurance plan.

Holding Fire

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Is a community college student under scrutiny because she favors concealed weapons, or because she didn't follow procedures?

Reaching Students Who Don't Report Depression

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Among the greatest frustrations of campus mental health professionals is that those who need help the most may never seek out services that are available. “If you talk to college counseling directors about those on their campuses who have committed suicide, most of them never entered their centers," said Henry Chung, to many nods here, at a session at the annual meeting of the American College Health Association.

Growing and Adjusting Abroad

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Research explores impact of short-term study abroad, and factors that put foreign students at risk of cultural adjustment problems.

Not So Politically Incorrect

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As College Democrats fight for recognition at Liberty U., other liberal student groups maintain peaceful relationships at traditionally conservative institutions -- and so do conservative counterparts at more liberal institutions.

The Impact of Student Employment

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As more undergraduates work to help pay college bills, studies offer a more nuanced analysis of how different sorts of work (and how much) affect grades.

Taming Thirsty Thursdays

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Students without class bright and early on Fridays drink heavily the night before, new study confirms.

The 3 A.M. Phone Call

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College housing officers identify tactics to avert disaster and to respond after the fact.


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