Student life

Sleepwalking Students

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New study blames academic stress for college students lacking both quality and quantity of bed rest.

Ready to Feel Old?

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Beloit's latest "mindset" list says that for your new students, text has always been hyper, the Green Giant has always been Shrek, and women have always outnumbered men in college.

Reorienting Themselves

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Some community colleges move substantial portions of new student orientations online to maximize efficiency; others push face-to-face programs to make process more personal. Is there a happy medium?

Where Phones in Class Are OK

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New courses about iPhone-application development teach students how to program and design -- and, if they're lucky, make money.

Colleges Review 'Community'

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Some loved it. Some hated it. But everyone is a critic.

Match at First Site

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More colleges let students search for their ideal roommate using online services -- and several companies aim to attract business in that market.

H1N1 Creeps Onto Campuses

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With fall classes beginning at many institutions, administrators are getting a chance to test out the "swine flu" prevention and containment plans they've been formulating since the virus first appeared last spring.

Early Pomp and Circumstance

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Saying tradition matters, a growing number of institutions are introducing convocation ceremonies, or dusting off existing ones, as part of strategies to improve retention.

Making a Pact

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Mercy College of New York begins a program to give each undergraduate a single mentor to provide personal attention from admission all the way through graduation.

Impact on the Healthy

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As H1N1 spreads, it leaves uninfected students unsure about whether to go to crowded frat parties or to fill a football stadium on game day.


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