Student life

Fowl Play at Reed College

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A student-led course on how to properly slaughter, clean and dress a chicken goes awry.

Anything But Studying

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Survey of U. of California students shows emphasis on socializing, leisure that may change with recession.

Men of Merit

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Michigan's Jackson Community College thinks its black male students may be their own best motivators.

A Diploma for Healthiness

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U. of Indianapolis encourages students to exercise, and eat well, with a new set of courses.

Allergic Nation

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Colleges take steps to accommodate growing numbers of students with food allergies.

Spring Break in a Disaster Zone

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Despite warnings urging them to stay home, college students plan trips to earthquake-damaged Haiti.

'The Intimate University'

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Even as Asian-American enrollments grow at leading American universities, relatively little in-depth work has been done that focuses on growing subgroups of those students. The Intimate University: Korean-American Students and the Problems of Segregation, recently published by Duke University Press, is an attempt to remedy that.

A 'Suicide School'?

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Of all the things Cornell University wants to be known for, suicide isn’t among them. And yet, after years of trying to shake the image that it’s a “suicide school,” as one official called it Monday, recent deaths have made it difficult not to associate the upstate New York institution with an above-average suicide rate.

Attracting Women to STEM

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Analysis considers reasons for the continuing (if shrinking) gender gap.

Online Sweethearts

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“I saw you... looking like a dork. But I don't care how dorky you can be. I just want you to come be dorky with me, babe.”

“I saw you... sitting by yourself and I desperately want to talk to you... but I'm too incredibly awkward to actually talk to you AND be successful... but don't worry, I'll start trying when I get back from Spring Break ;)”

This, says Keone Hon, a junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is what happens when the romantic impulses of the college student meet the declarative instincts of the social media generation.


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