Student life

Gossip and Slander at a Campus Near You

A Web site that lets students post anonymous comments -- with predictable results -- has sparked outrage and more than a few enthusiasts.

Taking Their Medicine

The shooter at Northern Illinois U. reportedly had stopped taking his medication. What factors put college and graduate students at risk of defying doctors' orders?

Theses are Forever

The presidential campaign has turned some work by college seniors into fodder for public debate. Some have mixed feelings about the scrutiny of such early academic writings.

Taming St. Patrick's Daze

The drinking has already begun. You might be reading this first thing Friday, but somewhere on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus, students are pounding beers. They've been up since dawn on this "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day," ready to hit the bars before noon and keep it going throughout the weekend.

Spring Break. Woo.

Spring break is here, and for most students, that means one thing: going home. What it's like for the silent majority that doesn't make it to Cancun?

U.S. Proposes New Rules on Student Privacy

Guidelines would give college administrators more latitude in releasing information when they fear for students' health and safety.

Encouraging Interfaith Experiences

With students of many faiths, how can colleges design spaces and organize their activities to encourage interreligious understanding amid individual spiritual exploration?

Ambiguity and Ignorance on Crime

New research finds disconnect between campus officials, less than dazzling knowledge of key campus crime law and evidence that programs to prevent sexual assaults may be misdirected.

A Swipe at Credit Card Marketing

New survey finds that students largely support limiting the influence of credit card companies on campus.

Among the Uninsured: 1.7 Million College Students

20 percent of students don't have coverage -- and even among those who do, college-sponsored health plans vary dramatically in quality of benefits.


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