Student life

Stopping Short of No More Fries

Smart Title: 
As Lincoln U. debates fitness requirement for obese students, other institutions search for less controversial ways to deal with the issue.

Lincoln U. Ends Obesity Rule

Smart Title: 
Faculty members vote to keep health class that set off national debate, but to make it optional.

A Bathroom of Her Own

Smart Title: 
A student's suit over lack of single-sex facilities raises the question: Do college women deserve some spaces where men won't be disrobing?

Warrantless Dorm Search Upheld

Smart Title: 
Massachusetts appeals court decision backs prosecution based on drugs found at Boston College.

College Reverses Veil Ban

Smart Title: 
Massachusetts institution adds a religious exemption to its rule barring face-obscuring head coverings.

Issue of Space, Not Speech

Smart Title: 
U. of Oregon considers forcing a pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic group's meetings out of the campus student union.

Freshmen Abandon Business

Smart Title: 
Amid recession, incoming students find field of study less appealing than ever, according to national survey.

Fowl Play at Reed College

Smart Title: 
A student-led course on how to properly slaughter, clean and dress a chicken goes awry.

Anything But Studying

Smart Title: 
Survey of U. of California students shows emphasis on socializing, leisure that may change with recession.

Men of Merit

Smart Title: 
Michigan's Jackson Community College thinks its black male students may be their own best motivators.


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