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The Next Student Health Problem?

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Ramapo College bans potent and inexpensive alcoholic energy drinks, illustrating increasingly widespread concern about the beverages' popularity among students.

Credit Card Companies Pay Millions to Colleges

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Federal Reserve report documents $83.5 million in payments to campuses, alumni groups and foundations in 2009.

Veterans, Less Engaged but Satisfied

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Influential student survey now details impressions and habits of returning servicemembers, as well as more information about individual majors.

Transgender Pioneer

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Kye Allums, junior basketball player at George Washington U., surprised by female teammates' support of his decision to identify as a man.

Opening Up Dormitories

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This fall, Eastern Michigan University opened its dorms to students from nearby Washtenaw Community College, in order to earn some extra revenue while further encouraging students to transfer and giving them a taste of residential college life.

The institutions are a half mile apart, Eastern Michigan in Ypsilanti and Washtenaw in Ann Arbor. The university is also the top transfer destination of students from the community college. But when Eastern Michigan had extra dorm space to spare, the two institutions drew even closer.

Can Hazing Be Stopped?

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Hazing incidents have been alleged on at least three campuses across the country during the past month -- the Universities of Arkansas and Utah and Yale University -- lending credence to the assumption that hazing is endemic to college life.

Empathizing 101

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A Capital University experiment to determine whether students can learn empathy is generating excitement among experts who study the behavior.

Goodwill Hunting

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In letter to college presidents, movie industry emphasizes willingness to help campuses deter illegal file sharing on their networks — but says campuses should expect to hear about any violations.

'Living as They Live'

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To invoke the image of a typical residence hall at a public university is to conjure pictures (or memories, perhaps) of cinder block high-rises packed with students living cheek-by-jowl for maximum cost efficiency. In recent years, however, a small but growing number of public universities -- from the University of California at Berkeley to Appalachian State University -- have installed faculty members in residence halls to live among students.

Less-Is-More Approach to Sports

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Positive reviews abound after first truncated fall athletic seasons in NCAA Division II; some critics say Division I should follow suit.


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