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Pampering or Priority?

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This fall, freshmen at George Washington University will have a little work to do that their predecessors did not: cleaning their own bathrooms. The university announced last month that it will eliminate its maid-like housekeeping services (which included vacuuming the rooms and cleaning private bathrooms) in freshman residence halls.

Texas A

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It's no surprise that universities have been eliminating extras in order to tighten budgets, but getting rid of toilet paper might really stink. Texas A&M University, which is trying to cut $60 million campuswide, hopes to save $82,000 by ceasing to stock the bathroom essential in dormitories.

“We looked at what areas can we cut and not negatively affect our students’ academics, and it was that,” said Sherylon Carroll, associate vice president for communications.

Sex, Journalism and Censorship

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Student sex journalism is one of those topics that tend to arise in the context of controversy -- the sort that begins when a student publication offends a reader or readers; grows with a tussle between editors and administrators (as well as, often, editors and t

Bettor Grades

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Student affairs experts have said that gambling is an unhealthy habit among college students, especially in the age of online poker. But what about if instead of a virtual hands, the students were betting on their ability to meet or exceed a certain grade?

Church and State and Student Activities

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Federal appeals court finds that U. of Wisconsin at Madison improperly rejected funds for Catholic activities that involved worship.

'When College Is Not the Best Time'

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We've all heard the clichéd description of college as "the best years of your life." For those of us whose undergraduate years are a distant memory, the idea may seem ludicrous -- or, at least, too demoralizing to entertain -- but there's no denying that college students tend to enjoy an unusually high ratio of freedom to responsibility, and that many high schoolers come to anticipate a positively Elysian experience.

Fear Under the Sheets

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As some colleges face bedbug infestations in dormitories, many others consider ways to prevent such outbreaks.

Shutdown Shot Down

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An attempt to discourage social media use at Harrisburg U. runs up against students and faculty determined to get their fix.

Do Students Listen to Others' Views?

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The world of academe is generally considered a marketplace of ideas. But its customers may do more one-stop shopping than browsing the aisles.

Campus constituencies across the country are skeptical of their institutions’ emphasis on -- and consideration of -- diverse viewpoints both in the classroom and on campus generally, according to a report released Thursday by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Ditching Fall Semester

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U. of Florida considers giving incoming students option of taking classes during spring and summer terms only — throughout their time at the university.


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