Study finds inconclusive results about efficacy of adaptive learning

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Major study of adaptive learning finds inconclusive results about its ability to improve outcomes and lower costs, but use at two-year colleges and in remedial courses shows potential.

SUNY Buffalo and University of Virginia reform general education

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At the University at Buffalo and the U of Virginia, professors fear that too many requirements and not enough thought about them may detract from students' learning. Both move toward more thematic approaches to general education.

Should colleges shield freshmen from themselves by hiding first-term grades on their transcripts?

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Faculty members at various institutions debate the pros and cons of shielding freshmen from themselves (or least their performance) in the form of "covered" or "shadow" grades on transcripts.

Survey finds grade inflation continues to rise at four-year colleges, but not at community college

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The most common grade is A -- at all kinds of colleges. But while grade point averages are increasing at four-year institutions, that's not the case at community colleges.

A university decides to eliminate 8 a.m. classes

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A university in Michigan has great news for the bleary-eyed but hopes at least some of them will still get up early.

New study suggests that faculty development has a demonstrable impact on student learning

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Studies of faculty development efforts at a liberal arts college and a land-grant university suggest the programs can have an impact on student outcomes.

Study questions whether elite college courses are of higher quality than others

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Study's preliminary findings suggest that teaching quality and academic rigor are not necessarily stronger at prestigious institutions.

General education gets a makeover at Utah university, combining full year in one course

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Southern Utah University goes all in with an experiment on general education, combining 13 courses into one year of material that eight professors jointly teach.

Lynn University and General Assembly team up on credit-bearing study abroad

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Lynn University will issue a semester's worth of college credits for Lynn students who complete a 16-week program at General Assembly, a nonaccredited skills boot camp. Will other colleges follow?

Researchers, faculty members explore texting as email alternative

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Colleges are searching for new ways to communicate with students electronically. Could texting be the answer?


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