Consultants' advice, including to limit courses with high failure rates, perturbs professors at Illinois State

Advice from consultant, including that to limit courses with high failure rates, is unwelcome to Illinois State professors. But the university and the consultant say their focus is student success, not student smooth sailing.

One professor fired, another criticized for comments related to race


Comments about NFL player who started national anthem protest cost a Concordia (Mich.) instructor her job; Virginia professor keeps his job but plans a leave amid criticism of Facebook post about Black Lives Matter.

American University student government launches campaign for mandatory trigger warnings

American U student government launches campaign in support of mandatory trigger warnings -- despite a recently reaffirmed faculty stance against them.

New grants to help institutions embed Reacting to the Past, other high-impact teaching practices in undergraduate curriculum

New series of grants seek to help institutions embed Reacting to the Past and other high-impact teaching practices in the undergraduate curriculum.

New study could be another nail in the coffin for the validity of student evaluations of teaching

New study adds to evidence that student reviews of professors have limited validity.

U of Chicago professors issue letter on safe spaces and trigger warnings

More than 150 faculty members offer new students a different view on safe spaces, trigger warnings and diversity.

U of Chicago letter to new students on safe spaces sets off intense debate

The university's note to new students sets off national debate on safe spaces, trigger warnings and more. Presidents of Bowdoin and Yale, with different tone, urge engagement with uncomfortable ideas.

Charles Sykes takes higher education to task once again with a new book

Author of the 1988 book Profscam, conservative talk radio host Charles Sykes, discusses his new book that again takes on higher education. 

Common freshman reading selections focus on immigration, racial injustice

Immigration and racial injustice are topics of choice for common reading choices this year.

Study finds few students cheat the system with digital homework questions

Even if they could cheat without being penalized, most students will take an honest stab at homework questions, study finds.


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