A New Home for 'Change'

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Change magazine is changing hands.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching announced Wednesday that it would assume editorial control of the bimonthly higher education magazine, which is owned by Heldref Publications.

More Than IM and MP3

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ETS moves ahead with new test to measure how well students can use technology for academic and professional purposes.

Undercover Freshman

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Anthropologist enrolls as a new student at her university, moves into a dorm and emerges a changed professor.

Really Open Source

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Rice U.'s Connexions, which lets professors from any campus share materials, tries to challenge traditional peer review and publishing.

Classroom Heat

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Sociologists consider how to cover hot-button topics without losing control or civility.

The End of the Paper Syllabus

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To save money, Wisconsin-Oshkosh bans a ritual of the first day of classes, and some professors aren't happy.

Keeping Transcripts Secure

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Recent incidents -- including arrests in grade changing scheme involving sex and money -- raise issue of integrity in registrars' offices.

For Black Men Only

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In new program at West Georgia, 25 African-American males will live in the same dormitory and take the same courses.

The Mindset of Freshmen

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Beloit's latest list explains a class for whom voice mail has always been a reality.

Text vs. Text vs. Text

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Paul Krugman and Glenn Hubbard enter the lucrative textbook market for Econ 101.


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