Keeping Transcripts Secure

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Recent incidents -- including arrests in grade changing scheme involving sex and money -- raise issue of integrity in registrars' offices.

For Black Men Only

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In new program at West Georgia, 25 African-American males will live in the same dormitory and take the same courses.

The Mindset of Freshmen

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Beloit's latest list explains a class for whom voice mail has always been a reality.

Text vs. Text vs. Text

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Paul Krugman and Glenn Hubbard enter the lucrative textbook market for Econ 101.

New Tack Against Term Paper Providers

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Student sues 3 Web sites for allegedly infringing copyright and selling her essay without her consent.

Classroom Successes

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Political scientists share strategies for reaching students and helping them succeed.

Professor Sex Is Not Back for More

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After 2 students complain, George Washington declines to renew contract of a popular and explicit instructor.

Tactical Shift or Tactical Error?

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AAUP endorsed statement on academic responsibilities, but comes out against including it in key federal bill.

Fewer A's at Princeton

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Princeton University students need to work harder for the A's.

The university released results Monday of the first year under a new grading policy, designed to tackle the issue of grade inflation. In the last academic year, A's (including plus and minus grades) accounted for 40.9 percent of all grades awarded. That may not be consistent with a bell curve, but the figure is down from 46.0 percent the previous year, and 47.9 percent the year before that.

Outsourced Grading

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Kentucky community colleges experiment with having outside company evaluate students' essays in freshman composition.


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