Telling Postdocs About Tenure

Two groups that support basic research sponsor weeklong course to help young scientists navigate through their universities.

Keeping Students Enrolled

Study suggests new approach may help community colleges with retention and graduation rates.

Playing Offense, Not Defense

Teacher education programs, blasted in recent years, seek to show that they're changing and welcome accountability.

Duke Analyzes iPod Project

Report notes academic uses for and limitations on the technology.

A New Home for 'Change'

Change magazine is changing hands.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching announced Wednesday that it would assume editorial control of the bimonthly higher education magazine, which is owned by Heldref Publications.

More Than IM and MP3

ETS moves ahead with new test to measure how well students can use technology for academic and professional purposes.

Undercover Freshman

Anthropologist enrolls as a new student at her university, moves into a dorm and emerges a changed professor.

Really Open Source

Rice U.'s Connexions, which lets professors from any campus share materials, tries to challenge traditional peer review and publishing.

Classroom Heat

Sociologists consider how to cover hot-button topics without losing control or civility.

The End of the Paper Syllabus

To save money, Wisconsin-Oshkosh bans a ritual of the first day of classes, and some professors aren't happy.


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